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        Chinese manufacturer of high quality motors and drives

        Chemical plant application

        Release time:2021-10-18   Reading quantity:29833  

        Product requirements and challenges

        1. Working conditions

        The lower limit of ambient temperature is -15C°, and the upper limit is 40C°. Other environmental units can be selected.

        2 Stable performance and strong reliability

        The average failure interval of the unit is not less than 2000 hours.

        3. Convenient refueling and water facilities and protection measures

        The unit is equipped with an external refueling system and locking function;

        Large fuel tanks are usually required for 12-24 hours of operation.


        It has stable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, convenient external refueling and water system and many other characteristics.


        ·Provide a full set of products and solutions, reduce the requirements on user's technical mastery, and make the unit use and maintenance simpler;

        ·The control system has the AMF function, which can start automatically, and has automatic stop and alarm function with multiple monitoring items;

        ·ATS is optional, and built-in ATS can be selected for small units;

        ·It features ultra-low noise power generation, and the noise level of the unit below 30KVA is below 60dB(A) at 7 meters;

        ·Its performance is stable; the average failure interval of the unit is not less than 2000 hours;

        ·The unit size is small

        ·Customized design and development can be provided for special needs of some customers.

        Sample booklet download

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