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        About Us

        Chinese manufacturer of high quality motors and drives


        To be the first-class motor and drive professional manufacturer

            Located in Taizhou City on the seashore of the East Sea,Zhejiang Xl-MotorCo., Ltd is a professional motor manufacturer. Since its establishment in 1990. it has gradually developed into a large company with a staff of more than 580, among them 50 are senior engineers and technicians. With convenient transportation facilities including airport, seaport, railway, and highways, we can deliver products to our customers promptly.

            The company' s main products are Y2、YVF2、Y2EJ、YD、 YB2、 YG series three phase asynchronous motor.Meanwhile, we also provide motors especially for speed-reducing motor and variable-speed motor. Our products are famous for low-energy consumption, high-efficiency, low-noise, weak vibration and durability.

            With advanced technologies, excellent equipments and professional employees, the company has become a leading manufacturer in the field of electric motors. Both IS09001 and ISO 2000 quality system have been introduced, and the company has also acquired CCC& CE certificates. We benefit our clients by providing favorable prices, high quality products and excellent services. Striving for innovation and pursuing for excellence has always been and will continue to be our essential conviction, this makes us enjoy a very high reputation at home and abroad and share a large market in the world.

        Enterprise achievements

        It passed ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification, CCC certification and CE certification
        Over the years, it has been rated as a provincial AAA-grade enterprise and Huangyan key trustworthy unit
        Huangyan Top 100 enterprises
        Huangyan key backbone enterprises and other honorary titles
        Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province
        Taizhou famous brand products.

        Enterprise spirit

        Mutual cooperation and a win-win situation

        Professional equipment and automatic assembly line

        We always believe that professional equipment with innovative technology is our core productivity, and so are all the diligent and excellent employees of XL-Motor. We will contribute to the development and growth of XL-Motor with the same goal.

        • Production technology

          We provide advanced production technology, high-precision production and testing means, thoughtful service, devoting to create satisfactory products for customers.

        • Automated assembly line

          We have a strong manufacturing process, innovative production management, advanced automated assembly lines and an economical, efficient, safe and ergonomic workplace environment.

        • Quality management system

          Our products have passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification, CCC certification and CE certification

        Sample booklet download

        COPYRIGHT ?2021 Zhejiang XINLING Motor Co., Ltd. all right reserved Technical support : Zhexing Network

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